Café del Sol Botanico situated in Bryanston is one third of theCafé del Sol trio of restaurants completed by Café del Sol Classico and Café del Sol Tre. While the menu is essentially the same across all three establishments (with each restaurant having a few special dishes that are unique to it) and the service I have received from each one of them has been of a consistently high standard, for some inexplicable reason Café del Sol Botanico is my favourite of the three sister eateries! I cannot point out to one clear explanation for this, there is just a special connection I feel to this particular eatery. Every visit is like a home coming of sorts, I still get as excited as I did the first time I set foot there back in 2015. Apart from their award winning Italian cuisine, there is a certain unique aura about the place that I don’t quite get anywhere else. As you can tell, I can go on and on but I shan’t!

So I popped in for lunch the other day and pursuant to a strong recommendation from the friendly gentleman who was waiting on my table, I ordered the bacon and brie cheese filletwhich is served with polenta chips and vegetables. Not that I was surprised, but my meal was nothing short of  devine! My medium to rare steak was succulent and quite tasty! The hype that came with the recommendation was not misplaced at all! And to sample the impressively stocked Landmark bar, I ordered a double shot of one of my favourite drams, Lagavulin to wash it all down, and there was no room for disappointment. Classics tend to do that.




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