It takes a designer who is fully secure in his abilities and craft to exhibit his work in an art gallery full of beautiful art pieces. Out of those daring enough, only a designer with a truly special ability and eye for detail, will produce and showcase work which will look totally in place in a respectable art house.

Over the past weekend Shawn Marshall showcased his Summer 18’ range to a handful of guests in an exclusive art-show like exhibition at the Mmarthouse gallery in Craighall, Johannesburg.


With no less than 7 years experience in tailoring including time spent with internationally renowned brand Hackett London, Marshall has created a brand which according to its owner is driven by a relentless pursuit of classic and quality tailoring translated into modern style. Aesthetically pleasing, his sports jackets give a fresh and modern twist to old school gentleman’s preppy wear and it is oh so lovely!

At only 25 years of age, the designer is quickly establishing himself as a leader in bespoke menswear, with designs which are edgy with twists and unmistakably simple at the same time.


Apart from the traditionally dark formal menswear staples, the Summer 18’ range consists of light and somewhat playful suits and jacket designs, in an interesting spectrum of bright colours…and what’s summer without a bit of colour!




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